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Thread: If Looks Could Kill

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    If Looks Could Kill

    In Taigu's talks about Sweeping, he comments about how once you begin practice, the real work begins because then you start to become more aware of what trouble's your thoughts are creating.

    Last night I went to a drug store and upon entering I encountered a very strange looking woman who obviously had some congenital health issues. I was taken aback ( my normal everyday reaction from habit), and then I quickly softened my gaze realizing the way I was looking was rude. She saw me and in that instant our minds where one, and yet far from ONE. She looked away and continued on with a companion. I don't know her, she doesn't know me, and yet in that interaction which took milliseconds we had both created separation. I had summed her up as strange, she had summed me up as mean and we had both summed each other up to someone we didn't like on some level. The difference now, for me, is that I am more aware of these milliseconds. This poor woman has obviously endured a lifetime of "looks", and in my millisecond of mental habit I created suffering and separation. And yet through practice I am more aware of these moments, and more aware of the self in others. Such a small mistake, and yet such a profound one.

    I would like to offer Metta to all those, who through no fault of their own, are feeling outcast, judged and unloved based on their outward appearance.



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    Such a small mistake, and yet such a profound one.
    And also a profound moment of openness and unity. As your practice progresses, may these moments of openness increase in frequency.

    I can relate completely to what you share here. My facial expression so often gives away my initial reaction, before I can engage my conditioned mind.... hopefully over time, with practice, my initial reaction will be one of love and compassion and openness. We are after all, engaging in "mind training."

    Thank you so much for this.

    Deep bows

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    Being aware of your reflex action, over time it will diminish and the soft one will be your first one. Like when you sit zazen, you first feel a tingling when the bell sounds; Over time the same sound doesn't illicit the same internal nerve response rather, you welcome it's warmth and enjoy the dampening of it!

    Thanks for sharing this experience.
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    Thank you, Clark. A very good reminder.


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    A gentle reminder to all of us. Even our thoughts, as well hidden as we may presume them to be, manifest in such powerful ways.


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    Just by being aware of our emotions and reactions is such great part of our practice.

    With that, we can start learning to modify our behavior to a much more peaceful and constructive one.

    Now, if only you add a smile to that, the universe becomes a friendlier place to live.

    Thank you, Clark.


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