So , as I have previously mentioned, I'm still reading a book that is a collection of Dogen's teachings from other writings. Not being the first time I have come across the phrase, I'm a little confused by it. He mentions arousing the Way seeking mind or arousing the aspiration for enlightenment.
Perhaps I have just misunderstood, but without quoting any particular passages, it seems that he speaks of this as something to strive for over the course of our practice. not something one begins with when the first beginning to learn and follow the Way.
Am wondering if someone would be so kind as to educate me on what is meant by this? For me it sounds like what happens when we decide to take the Precepts and live the Way. That aspiration to continue the practice. That desire many of us feel to keep sitting, the reason why we remain Zen practitioners. But it seems as if he is using this terminology to describe something beyond that.
Most of you are much more versed with the various sutras and writings of the buddha ancestors than I am. So It would be appreciated if someone could illuminate the subject a bit for me.

Dave _/\_