At long last, maybe due to perseverance, maybe IOS update or the kind efforts of Treeleaf tech updates, was finally able to Hangout . . . .[morehappy]

What happened?
First of all I did not want to connect with my main computer, too noisy and inconvenient.

So when Treeleaf got hacked, I finally updated my password . . .
and got to play two games to get in . . . pleased. [claps](OK I admit I lost the first password 'real human' test game] [indifferent]

. . . maybe I could install google+ also? [evil2]

. . . that went well, my previous efforts probably helped - just needed my name and gmail password . . .
. . . there seemed to be a Treeleaf session on . . . needs 'hangouts' to connect . . . [confused]

Do I want to install the Hangouts App? asks the operating system.
You bet your virtual zafu . . . [karate]

Do I want to enable the Ipad microphone?
Certainly not. My snoring might wake someone up . . . :sleeping:

So I was in, much to my surprise. I could hear and see. Hopefully I did not disturb the incense.
Just to to thank everyone at Treeleaf Zen Commune and for those red necks [toomuch]still trying to join . . . I joined using the Hangout app with my Ipad :encouragement:

Steve Jobs would be proud.

You can do it too! gassho1