Hello Everyone,

Part of the expectations Taigu laid out last year included attending a live retreat once a year. I'm working towards that- I find myself unbearably shy at times with Zen! For instance, I have yet to join a Tea Party, though I am going to soon...

Anyways, next week I am going to the Compassionate Dharma Cloud Monastery outside of Denver. (http://www.compassionatedharmacloudmonastery.org) I've listened to a few teachings from Thay, and their website has a clear description of how their English-Speaking Days of Mindfulness go. I'm pretty excited about going, not as nervous as I thought, and I will write back about my experience there (right now I will just go for a day, I am looking into a full retreat soon too.) It's just about the closest place I can get to, living in the mountains.

As I was thinking about this, I thought it might be fun for other people to share retreat/zendo experiences and stories in one thread.

Deep Gassho,