Being disabled, my income puts me below the poverty line. So, financial donations are not possible for me. I did some thinking about how I would like to give to the less fortunate considering my financial limitations and I've decided to do some charity sewing. If anyone wants to have a sew-a-long or something just let me know. I'm hoping to sew something for a different charity each month. I've got 3 picked out so far: Crafting for kids with epilepsy. I have epilepsy, so it's easy for me to have empathy for these kids.

I wept when I read about the animals in cages never having the experience of anything under their feet and bodies but metal bars. Looking forward to making at least a few animals a bit more comfortable.

This one was absolutely heartbreaking to read about. This organization collects and sews feminine hygeine products for women that don't have access to them. There are girls and women in the world who must stay home, miss school, miss work, etc because they don't have sanitary pads. They are sometimes exploited due to the lack of this very basic product that us women in the US and other countries take for granted. I'm very much looking forward to contributing to this charity.