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Thread: A question about sitting together

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    A question about sitting together

    I missed the group sitting today, mixed up my days somehow. I will sit with the video this evening, but was wondering if people sit together off schedule ever? Is there a way or a place to post "hey I'm sitting now, anyone want to join me?" type requests? Thanks!

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    Hi Bunny,
    sitting with the video is good. Sitting this together with others can be (technically) difficult. It rarely happens, but sometimes it does. I tried various methods a while back, like posting the in e original thread (where Jundo invites to the zazenkai), or inviting via google+, it all not had too much responce, but it might be worth giving it a new try. I guess the main problem is that a) we are split around the globe with different time zones and b) people - especially on weekends - have very different schedules about when they get up, when they need to shop or take care of family members etc. But please give it a go (you just did) and see if something works out, it would be great!

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    Usually once a day I start google and if there is an ongoing sitting will join it or start my own. Sometimes someone will join in. As treeleaf grows and more people use google maybe there will always be someone sitting there.
    The past 2 weeks I have been away without strong enough internet connection for google plus.

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    As long as you start hangout by inviting Treeleaf zendo community people know you are sitting

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    Thanks, I did not know about google hangouts. I download the app, see you there 😀

    Metta, Troy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy View Post
    Thanks, I did not know about google hangouts. I download the app, see you there 😀

    Metta, Troy
    Make sure you get "added" to the Treeleaf community. I think you can pm Myoku and he can set you up. (If I'm wrong, someone please post the correct info)

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    Hi guys, sitting G+ in about one hour and I can try to help out Troy if he wants to? Just PM me if you want an invite!



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    I already sat today but will try to join. I need to learn how to use the video, so it will be good practice to practice.

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    Ok, so everyone joining me sitting tonight knows: we are getting a few of our newest members set up and ready in G+ so it's going to be a bit ........ unpolished session this time . Not the sitting of course but before and after.

    Anyone who wants to try it out for the first time is more than welcome to sit with us in about half an hour from this post time. All you need is a Google + account and a PM to me with the account name so I can send the invite.



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