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    A Quote

    Thought I would share...

    “Learning to pause is the first step in the practice of Radical Acceptance. A pause is a suspension of activity, a time of temporary disengagement when we are no longer moving toward any goal… . The pause can occur in the midst of almost any activity and can last for an instant, for hours or for seasons of our life… . We may pause in the midst of meditation to let go of thoughts and reawaken our attention to the breath. We may pause by stepping out of daily life to go on a retreat or to spend time in nature or to take a sabbatical… . You might try it now: Stop reading and sit there, doing “no thing,” and simply notice what you are experiencing.”
    Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha


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    Beautiful quote Treena, thank you.


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    Really love this Emmy! I have been doing this through out the day, especially during those moments of stress. Kinda like a mini Zazen session. It is certainly helpful. While writing this, I have decided that I will do it during happy moments too. I am sure it will be equally helpful. Thanks for sharing!

    Metta, Troy

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    The heart of zazen; thank you Treena.


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    Yes, learning to pause allows listening which connects you and me. Thx for this post.

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    Thank you Treena - TNH also writes in a lovely way about the need to pause.



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    Thank you.

    "Recognize suffering, remove suffering." - Shakyamuni Buddha when asked, "Uhm . . .what?"

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    Just listened to a talk by her on this very topic earlier today. Grateful to have the thought reinforced-thanks!

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    Wonderful, thank you for sharing!


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