Our next Global Days of Service period is upon us October 5-19 2013!

There is someone out there who is homeless or alone and would like to share a meal with you
There is a child who would like to share a book
Don't forget that someone's grandparent likes books too
Or even the silence of companionship in the twilight

There is a tree that needs planting
or nourishing;
Wind-strewn nest looking for a branch

A shoreline that needs to be unburdened of what the ocean has cast upon it
A line of dunes that need to be anchored

A trail in need of care
Street in need of sweeping
Playground in need of children
Swings silently asking "fly with me"

Illness and suffering to be witnessed;
Loneliness paired with companions
A lonely voice in need of a friendly presence

You and I have what we need. Share it. We will all be here; practicing together.

Deep bows