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Thread: Kickstarter Support for "Zen In America"

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    Kickstarter Support for "Zen In America"

    Adam Tebbe over at SweepingZen, which hosts our "Sit-a-Long" blog posts, is producing and directing a film called "Zen In America" which is about ... Zen In America.

    If anyone is interested in shooting a few bucks over to support his shooting, he has started a "Kickstarter" fundraising campaign. Check it out.

    Adam writes ...

    ZEN IN AMERICA: A documentary film about Zen Buddhism in North America is the first documentary series of its kind to thoroughly examine the history and practices of Zen in North America. The series will take us to Zen temples throughout North America to show how Zen Buddhism is being expressed in our modern culture – gathering intimate accounts and insights from the teachers, practitioners and scholars of the tradition today.

    I began filming for the series in July of 2013. Over the next several years of my life, I will visit the many practice centers here in North America to document this diverse Buddhist tradition on film. It is my hope that you will be inspired to contribute to the documentary, help get the word out, and take some time to learn about the project today.
    Gassho, J

    PS - Thanks to Shingen for linking to it on another thread today.
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