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Thread: Some confusion about thoughts and free will

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    Some confusion about thoughts and free will

    Hello guys!

    So I'm kinda stuck with these meta-thoughts (thoughts about thoughts). According to buddhism in general, thoughts arise spontaniously, right? It's like, im born in Sweden, and I can change that just as much as I can change the thoughts that arise in my mind?

    But even so, budda stated:

    "We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world"

    Does this mean that I shall say to my mind, no, no, when certain thoughts arises, and try to welcome other thoughts? Maybe my problem lies at the free will question, did buddha say that we had the free will do pick our thoughts and actions or was he deterministic about this? Middle way? But how?

    It's like this big contradiction in my mind right now, and maybe I'm just stuck in a non logic or stone-agish thinking pattern. But it feels like such a big contradiction.

    It's like when i listen to Sam Harris talk about free will (or read his book). It feels like the same as buddha. First they say that thoughts arises at random and that you shall just let it go. Then they tell you that you are responsible for your actions (and that is indirect your thought). How can we be morally responsible for something like this? When they first stated that we cant help your thoughts.

    I'm sure this was a long and boring post but, I really need to get some new ideas/angels to look view this now, I'm stuck.

    Thank you..
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