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Thread: Where to buy a cushion in Japan

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    Where to buy a cushion in Japan

    Hello All,

    This is my irst post, so I guess I shall introduce myself before I ask my question!

    My dharma name is Jinpa Sadzin. I took refuge in the Shambhala Tradition about 8 months ago (though I have considered myself Buddhist since I was about 20. I'm 27 now.), but my practice has always been influenced by Zen (and a little Pure Land).

    Currently, I am living in Japan. I've been looking for a place to buy a meditation cushion, but, surprisingly, I've yet to find any stores that sell them! Does anyone know where I can purchase one in either Osaka or Kyoto?

    Thanks for your time, _/|\_ bow,

    Jinpa Sadzin

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    Hi Jinpa,

    Thank you for sitting Shikantaza with us.

    Taigu, who lives over near Osaka-Kyoto, may know a better source. However, many of the larger Zen Temples may have shops in them or around them where such supplies can be purchased. Also, there are some specialized Buddhist supply stores ... you probably need to speak Japanese, although they may have someone who speaks English ...

    One may also find a Zafu online, although like anything online ... sight unseen. They can vary quite a bit in size and hardness, etc., so hit and miss. You would also need someone who reads Japanese to assist if you do not. Here are some.

    Gassho, J
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