As Jundo recently said in the 4-hour zazenkai, glitches are life even when we try so hard to make things run to schedule, a plan, in due order.

I do wonder if when occasional electronic/computer problems do occur it is worthwhile to pass them along, believing that someone, our I T bosatsu who hears all the cries of the world, wishes to address them, alleviating suffering.

Such as today I wanted to hangout at an evening service and though I had received an invite and gone to the host's " starting now" update, I could not find with all my efforts the "doorbell" that would let me in.

I know that we have IT. Is hearing this story of any interest, provide a clue, prompting any solutions? Is it something out of our control? Perhaps fingers will point directly back to the User (me) as "the glitch himself".

In gassho