I found this page relating to the practice of the Kesa/Rakusu, and have a question:


The rakusu may also be worn for zazen. But just as Zen practice is not limited to the dojo, neither is the kesa. During the day it should be worn as often as possible, so that the practice of the Way is always present in our minds. The rakusu is especially worn during samu, during sesshin, and when travelling. When we take off our rakusu, it is to protect it. It is taken off when eating (except during sesshin), when going to the bathroom, at parties and for doing samu that might dirty or damage the rakusu. But when travelling, you may keep it on throughout the journey.
Hope it's ok to ask, but is it acceptable/desirable here to wear the rakusu as much as possible as the paragraph suggests? Travelling etc.