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Thread: Meddling with Translation

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    Meddling with Translation

    It amazes me how often interpretations of words are misconstrued. One evening, I sat down to track some ancient words related to Buddhism back there origins (as far as I could go anyway). In doing so, I arrived at this interpretation of life and practice:

    We wander through with a weight that's hard to bear, clinging and pushing away that which is around us; until we awake to that which cannot be comprehended, and realize that there is no separate self, and that nothing that can be perceived is eternal, and that really there is no weight to bear at all. Thus like a candle blowing out, we return to our natural state.

    Gassho, John

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    Emptiness is form. Form is emptiness.

    "Recognize suffering, remove suffering." - Shakyamuni Buddha when asked, "Uhm . . .what?"

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    Yes indeed Edward That phrase was rather tricky for me at first, as many were in Buddhism. But practice definitely helps clear things up.

    Gassho, John

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    Well, whenever I try to hammer this Way down in an easy definition .. not so easy. A bit like trying to nail down "John" or "Edward" or "Baseball" or "Rose Flower" in a simple definition. "Baseball" is a sport with bases, ball and bat ... yet so much beyond that, beyond the mere rules.

    Yes, we can say something ... and have to say something sometimes. Yet so much that need not or cannot be said.

    Gassho, J

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    Very very true Jundo. Words themselves are inadequate. One can describe pudding to someone all day long. The taste, the texture, how it's made and a host of other descriptions, but to truly know it, one has to pick up a spoon and eat it. And communication in general isn't even primarily based around the words being said.

    Gassho, John

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    Thank you John,
    I feel its a wonderful definition, speaks a lot to me,

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