Hello everyone,
isn't it amazing we start Ango tomorrow ? Isnt it overwhelming ? For me, it feels a bit. But thats home-made, right here in my brain. I'm writing this as I feel some of you may feel a bit overwhelmed too, with all that additional study, with more sitting each day, sewing if you participate in Jukai, announcements of additional sits on google+ you can join and so on. But as many wise folks already pointed out: its not a race. I feel that Ango is a time where we precisely _not_ get caught it thinking that we need to do more than we can, a time where we not rush through the day to get all things on our list done. One of my Ango commitments is to - of course - do what I committed to, but do it one by one. Out study wont be good if we rush over the pages. For me, Ango is intensive practice, but its not perfection, its not being the most busy sangha member. So, no Ango-Stress please
Gassho and have a good Ango everyone,