Hi All,

I am not sure if I am putting this post in the right section, but here goes anyway. I am not new to Zazen, but as instructed in the intro email, I am starting everything from the beginning here. In the PDF file on basic Zazen instructions, I have a question about the bowing directions. In the group I most recently sat with, we would stand behind the zabuton and zafu and bow toward the wall. Then, we would turn and bow toward the room (i.e., with our backs toward the wall and the zabuton and zafu between us and the wall). In the images in the PDF, the monk stands to the side of the zabuton and zafu and bows parallel to the wall. Does it make any difference? Is one way more "correct" than the other? Also, as an aside, this is the first time I have ever heard anything about the placement of the tag on the zafu.