I did not realize how much my mind races, getting caught up in inner dramas, until I started to sit zazen. Tonight, after sitting, the thought came into my head, is what I am thinking about really worth it? Is it worth the stress it causes on my body, is it worth the muscles tightening up in my face and neck? Or, could I choose to be a different thought in my head instead--much like our nurturing seeds practice.

I eat very healthy, always very conscious about what I put in my body, and have had bad effects when I've made the wrong choices (drinking alcohol comes to mind!!). But why am I not more conscious about what I allow to be in my head? I now realize I need to be more selective, more mindful, of the thoughts I allow, and disregard the ones that are causing negative effects, just like the alcohol.

We are what we eat, but we really are also what we think. So tonight, and in the days to come, as inner dramas and unnecessary thoughts start to unfold, I will ask myself, is this really worth it?