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Thread: A few pointers from Genjokoan

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    A few pointers from Genjokoan

    For LimoLama...

    In the furnace of summer, the timeless; in whirling snowflakes, the timeless; in heavy traffic and rush hours, the timeless,;in the cool breeze over the lake, the timeless, in puddles, rubbish bags, flowers and weeds, towers of steel and mountains deep, the timeless.

    You cannot leave this place and this time, therefore it is within this time and place that the timelees unfolds.

    In the Genjokoan Eihei Dogen teaches about ashes being only ashes, firewood only firewood, he says that Spring does not become Summer. A child does not grow into an adult. We are lived by thusness and every manifestation has no before or after.

    What is the before of the wave? What is its after?A wave cannot be separated from sea- land- sky- planet- galaxy- universe, all sentient beings arise in one wave. A single wave doesn t meet its origin, does not touch its end. Life is nothing but life, death nothing but death. Every single timeless manifestation reflects the roundness of the moon.

    Worries, projects, becoming, coming and going are narratives and stories, fictions and frictions made by a a fearful and shaky self.

    To surrender, to drop body and mind, is to allow the great body of reality to fully live our life, and not to mind much, not to worry. It is not up to us to do the work. We are very good at messing things up.

    There is no Buddha out of this life of ours and it is too big to understand. That's why we sit and let Buddha do it all. As we sit we manifest enlightened activity without knowing or seeing. Nobody, No Buddha left to care or mind anyway.
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