Hey friends,

I was thinking on how could we make the videos and all that (very good) introductory material from Treeleaf more accessible to those with hear impairment, etc. and also to non-english speakers which can benefit with, turning it more widely known, hopefully.

Then I´ve came across with a suggestion; what if we:

1- Pick each video on the "begginer's section" (initially) and write down what is being said on it by Jundo or Taigu or someone else (this would be done by an english speaker), maybe another one could revise it...then...

2- With the written content (potential "subtitle"), people could volunteer to translate it to another languages (spanish, french, portuguese, german, japanese, russian...); then we could subtitle the videos directly on Youtube

3- The same for the written material (mainly introductory guides in pdf, main threads and etc: the main contents from the forum).

Later on, when we establish a team commited to it, we could make it with each and every "Sit-A-Long" and other materials as they were produced...

What do you think?!

Gassho, Marcos