Hello all!

I would just like to say I have had a fabulous (and hectic) last week with school starting and other events happening. While I have almost been taking a well needed break from clarinet and seated practice, a question has came to my mind. Does one really need to tie themselves to a tradition? I have been thinking of this and I haven't been able to formulate an answer as well as most of you may, but let me explain. A few months back, I messaged Jundo asking whether or not one can practice two traditions at once. In short, he gave the great analogy that Buddhist schools are like sports: you can do multiples of them, but not at the same time. Recently, I have been doing mindfulness meditation taught by Yuttadhammo Bhikku (there is the video). while I love the approach, I think this is only the beginning of what this kind of meditation has to offer (any ideas where to luck to continue my studies in this field?) and would love to continue practicing this form (and Zen). In regards to my original question, I feel like I am more of a 'non-denominational' Buddhist. I do not know whether a tradition is entirely necessary or perhaps it is just a need to categorize myself.

Thank you!

Kind regards