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    No eternity

    I remember as a child how I used to dread these christian stories of Hell for ever, everlasting burning and torture. You ll find these in the great works of J. Bosch and Breughel. could also have een eternal bliss in the lap of God and surrounded by hysterical saints and devoted angels. An eternity of f...... boredom.
    Neither nor.
    As always, Dogen and this practice will challenge your belief system and get you in a space-time- being which has nothing to do with the whip or the bag of sweets, and certainly not with: it ain t going to stop Baby, this is always going to be...

    Rather than eternity: the timeless, that is to say, the complete realization beyond time and in the now, beyond space and right in the here, free of being attached to this and that, life and death collapsing in each other. And nothing freezes, and nothing lasts, it all moves. Still yet dynamic, actively peaceful. The timeless. Not the continuation of time ad eternam but the great circle in which things arise and vanish. Not an escape, a way out, but a way in, further and deeper where the broad stroke is done.

    Please, come in.

    Every moment the timeless manifests countless ripples and forms, each of those miroring freely and perflectly the timeless itself.

    Agony and boredeom out of the window.

    Ease and joy.

    You are the flesh and bones and marrow and breath of it all: timeless itself.


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