So we started a little sitting group here in New Jersey, with Jundo's blessings of course. We're attempting 2 sits per week, Sunday Mornings and Thursday evenings, with an introduction for those totally new to sitting on Saturday mornings. This past weekend was our first gathering, and it was really nice. I was joined by three others on Saturday morning and there are 2 signed up for next weekend. Yesterday there were only two of us, but we have 5 scheduled for next Sunday (no group this Thursday).

If anyone is ever in the Northern NJ area (Sussex County) it would be nice if you could join us. We are meeting at a brand new cafe just a short distance from our home. The name of the place is, The Bodhi Tree and it's a sort of "spiritual" soup of an atmosphere. They do all sorts of events there that fall under the umbrella of "spirituality". I don't know much about that sort of stuff, but they're great folks and have offered up a quiet and spacious room in the back of the cafe for us to sit, walk, ring bells, chant, etc...

Perhaps if we can sort out the technology in the room, we can all sit together sometime soon.