Hi all I am a bit overwhelmed by the pure plethora of things on this site. Please understand I am NOT complaining. It's great and perfect just as it is. I am just being a bit perfectly curious as to where I really should be focusing my efforts as a newbie to this site but also Zen in general. I have been going through all the talks for beginners, Buddha basics etc. I have been siting regularly almost daily and participating in the weekly Zazenkai. I guess it will just take me awhile, to get used to all this.

The second part of my question is simply this. What should be the approach when you are sitting in Shikantaza and great insights come up? I understand how we should come back to just sitting and come again to the clear blue sky ten thousand times. But what about when something really useful for our own development comes up? Also what advice would you give for someone new to meditation and a great deal of repressed emotion is coming up? I have had some experience teaching Chi Kung, as well as doing acupuncture therapy where opening up like that can be very traumatic to some people.