Hi Everyone;

I hope is well with you. I have been told that i analyze too much and too much and too much. But I have been pondering a few things with regard to attachment, and I can go a little crazy. So I don't want to be attached..but yet, I am attached to so much in my life...my children, home, food, etc....but relating it to my practice and Buddhism in general....don't we choose to be attached to a path of Buddhism in which we feel most comfortable? Those of us who practice Zen, zazen, all things associated with it, aren't we attaching ourselves to this particular set of beliefs in order to detach and someday maybe reach enlightenment all along the way helping others? I was thinking last night that if I were not attached to anything, and I mean, anything, would I just be a some big void blob? That surely isn't enlightenment, is it? So I am attached and yet I am trying not to be attached. Then what? And all the while I am maybe attached to some line of Buddhism that says this is what we do toward enlightenment or helping others. Everything is attachment, attached to a certain set of belief systems whether, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic....etc. You get my point....If I choose not to attach myself to ANY set of belief structures, whatever they are (even the many ways to approach Buddhism), what does that mean really? I am a very black and white person in a world of gray. This is part of the problem, I know. Just food for thought....Feedback welcomed. Gassho, Saij