Hi friends...

What are the "musical" percussion instruments used ritualistically in Zen practice (mainly in temples, etc..)

For example, I have sympathy for that block of wood "clappers", "mokugyo" "mokugyo" (I do my recitation of the Heart Sutra in japanese striking my bell stick on the ground) and the bells... I buyed me bells (a little one like a "bowl" and a smaller one)...

Can aynone tell me briefly how each of them are used on temple cerimonies (the function of each one as the japanese name if one can... ) and what instruments an almost "layman", a practicing guy can use to embellish the ritual?

Why, for example, one goes striking, then striking more and more rapidly the clappers, or the drums... or the bells... is there a ritual significance?

I´m a musician too... then there´s why I´m interested...

For those interested in hear me (poorly playing and trying to sing) click here

Shakuhachi music interests me too... is there zen music... or zen "inspired" traditional japanese music... or any reccomendations?