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    I'd just like to share a development. When I first learned to sit\practice there came a point where existential confusion, alienation, and fear, (the kind of fear associated with "what is the meaning of life?" questions) subsided in "just sitting". Like Jundo has said here (can't remember where exactly) ...seeking creates a sense of incompleteness. Seeking kicks the ball down the road. When seeking is dropped, the big existential questions are resolved. My bones are my bones, the sun is the sun. Yet this ending of a certain primordial fear/confusion did not remove all situational anxiety. This situation or that situation can still bring up anxious feelings. The difference is that the feelings do not go all the way to the bottom like they used to. A storm may rage on the surface, and it is fully felt, but on the ocean floor it is still. It is this "not reaching all the way down" that is emerging in a natural way lately, and the thing is, it is doing so all by itself. Maybe this is just getting older? Maybe it is sitting uselessly every day? I'm not sure, but it seems a lifetime away from fearful, confusing, world I knew as a child.

    Gassho Daizan
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