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Thread: The Origin of the Name "Treeleaf"

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    The Origin of the Name "Treeleaf"

    Someone just wrote to ask me where the name "Treeleaf" came from.

    I believe (it has been awhile since I thought about it) that it was just a simple image of the tree springing out from the root, branching in all directions to individual leaves ... yet root, trunk, branches and leaves are Not Two ... all just the Tree. Because "leaf" and "tree" are one beyond one, I went with "Treeleaf" and not "Tree Leaf".

    The Sandokai (the Harmony of Relative and Absolute) which we chant each month at Zazenkai says ...

    Thus for each and every thing,
    according to the roots, the leaves spread forth.

    Trunk and branches share the essence;

    Thank you all for being an important leaf of the Tree.

    Gassho, Jundo
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