Matt W and I both recently obtained a copy of the Tanahashi translation of Shobogenzo and thought it might be a good idea to work our way through together discussing each fascicle in turn. After asking Jundo's permission we are going to do that as a series of threads on here so that anyone else who wishes to do this can join in too.

Hopefully it is needless to say we have no expert knowledge about this but are just wanting to share our thoughts and impressions. It would be lovely if others wanted to do the same.

All buddha tathagatas, who directly transmit inconceivable dharma and actualize supreme, perfect enlightenment, have a wondrous way, unsurpassed and unconditioned. Only buddhas transmit it to buddhas without veering off; self-fulfilling samadhi is its standard. Sitting upright, practicing Zen, is the authentic gate to the unconfined realm of samadhi.