An investigation of reality

This World does not exist
This Sangha does not exist
Our teachers do not exist
outside our own mind.
It is all a projection of mind.

Your Sangha is not my Sangha
Your teacher is not my teacher
Your world is not my world
And my world is not real.

Our Sangha is me projecting a Sangha
the way I think and expect a Sangha to be.
Our teachers is me projecting teachers
The way I expect teachers to be
Zen is me projecting Zen
The way I expect Zen to be

Seeing not what is but seeing what is not
There is no border.
Not between me and you
Not between me and sangha
Not between me and Buddha
Not between this and that
It is all one!

All is dropped and now see what is really there
This and that no more
No you, no me no anything
Just one vast, unending everything
that we can all live and exist in.
Play and fight with
Laugh and cry about
Sit and participate in
As long as we all know
it is not real.

Deep bows