Sometimes I'm not sure why I come here. There is nothing to be gained by coming here. Same stories. Different character. Dogen this, Dogen that. Buddha this, Buddha that. Blah, blah, blah. What's the point? What's the answer? What's the question?

On more than one occasion I have gotten rid of Tapatalk on my iPhone and iPad and deleted the bookmark for Treeleaf on my web browser saying to myself "I'm not coming back to this place. There is nothing here for me."

Zen is pointless. Zen teachers are pointless. Treeleaf is pointless. Buddha is pointless. A complete waste of time. It has taken me two and a half years of sitting and countless books to realize this. My only teacher is my Zafu.

Now, with a clean slate, I'm ready to learn. Buddha is my teacher, Dogen is my teacher, the teachers at Treeleaf are my teachers, you are my teacher, the moon, trees, rocks, cats and rats are my teachers. I seek Dharma from all of you.

Gassho, John