Hey y'all, I remember we studied Seng Ts'an's Xin Xin Ming (Faith in Mind) a couple of years ago for Ango. I looked through a few of the posts to find one of the books Jundo referenced, and found this. I'm hoping this is the correct book. I then became confused when I saw another book by Sheng Yen dealing with Nin-t'ou Fa-jung's Xin Ming (Song of Mind). Can someone give me an insight as to relation of the two pieces?

Also, I'm going to get a Red Pine translation of one of the sutras. Having not read any sutras in their entirety, except the Heart Sutra, I'm open to recommendations on where to begin. I'd chosen the Lankavatara Sutra, but that was more by chance than any particular reason.

Thanks for your help.