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Thread: New Lotus Sutra Chapter Commentaries

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    New Lotus Sutra Chapter Commentaries


    so here are some more of my ramblings.

    Since I don't want to open a new thread every time I cover a new chapter (in order to avoid spamming the Unsui corner), all new chapter commentaries will appear in this thread from now on.

    As you can see I was a bit tired when I recorded this after a long day, but hopefully there is something in there that might be worth your while. This second chapter is comparatively theoretical in a sense and less fun to read than some others in the Sutra. Please keep in mind that I do not TEACH the Lotus Sutra as a means to an end, I just comment on some limited aspects of this mighty tome in order to get you to know some of the roots of our own traditions. At the end of the day, getting your butt on a cushion is more important than all the theoretical bla-bla in the world!

    Gassho and thank you for your interest,

    Hans Chudo Mongen
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    Wonderful, thank you for this talk Hans.


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    Thank you, Hans. Interesting thoughts.

    I think that The Lotus Sutra has less impact now (at least I feel it does with me) because we are more immersed in the Mahayana ideals of Bodhisattvahood and upaya so those ideas feel pretty familiar. When it first appeared it must have been explosive and you are doubtless right that those leaving the assembly was a historical truth or at least reflection of the break away of the Mahayana schools from those that went before.

    Thank you for bringing my attention back to this text. Personally I think you should post each chapter as a separate thread otherwise it will be much harder to navigate through the material.

    Good job!


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    Thanks Hans - don't have my copy of the Lotus Sutra with me but will re-acquaint myself with the text when I get back home, and hopefully be able to respond a little more to your input. Your videos do make the text come more alive.



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    Thanks Hans. Really good talk.

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    Thank you Hans,
    much appreciated

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    Thanks Hans. Once again you've made what I've been reading clearer and put it more in perspective. Now I know that thousands of millions of years just means it'll take a long time! . Looking forward to chapter 3.


    (Jack K.)

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    Thank you so much, Hans!
    I hope we'll hear more commentaries from you in the near future. I read that chapter a few months ago, and in your talk you mentioned some aspects I did not notice at that time.
    Thanks again for your efforts and your practice!


    no thing needs to be added

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    thank you Hans for your usual articulate illuminations on a often-obfuscated text.


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    and neither are they otherwise.

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