I had a discussion with a great master in Japan, and we were talking about the various people who are working to translate the Zen books into English, and he said, “That’s a waste of time. If you really understand Zen, you can use any book. You could use the Bible. You could use Alice in Wonderland. You could use the dictionary, because the sound of the rain needs no translation.

I have to admit, I do not understand this quote at all. I am a member of a Buddhist parenting group on fb and someone suggested, to me, that it means everything that we read is a reflection of the self.
The answers are inside you, when you read something, whatever it is, the interpretation and perception of the words is going to be a reflection of you. Just like when you read the bible you have certain feelings that is a reflection of your history with it. Zen is to study yourself to learn who you are. It's the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland that says "Who R U. Lol.. There's my reflection.
The rain needs no interpretation, the mountain needs no interpretation, words need no interpretation. Zen is you. You are the interpreter. Every experience you have, every thing you read or see or touch or feel is you trying to understand you. You are reflecting onto it and then perceiving it.

Is this a correct definition of Zen? Or does this quote mean something else?