although I am only one third through his latest book, I feel confident in recommending Brad Warner's "There is no God and he is always with you - A search for God in odd places" nevertheless:


If one doesn't like Brad's style then one is better off not buying it, since the way he writes might otherwise distract too much from his raising a lot of very interesting points.

As always, academic pundits might criticise him (and in some cases probably rightly so) for not having done enough academic research, but in my reader's eyes his strength is making topics accessible without being pretentious AND without sacrificing substance.

I did not and probably will not ever agree with him on everything (and what a boring world that would be), but I do feel if he wasn't around we'd have to invent him.

This book might be especially interesting for all those who like to wrestle with some of the questions that were touched upon in our Zen & Catholicism thread.

At the end of the day (now I'm pressing my own Zen button and am setting it to ACTIVE mode), we cannot get answers from books, but we can sometimes gain very valuable questions that might stay with us for a long long time.


Hans Chudo Mongen