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Thread: tropical storm Andrea

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    tropical storm Andrea

    Craft project for a tropical storm. $7 worth of canvas, a thick old king size comforter to stuff the zabuton; stuffing for the zafu from a big old cushion which appears to be textile mill sweepings, like giant dryer lint, about the same consistency of kapok (both free).
    Now to test drive it...

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    Lovely. And metta to all in bad weather tonight around the world.

    As an old Florida boy, I have sat Zazen more than once huddled in the closet, in the dark, as a hurricane rattled the roof and windows.

    Here in Japan, I just sit through earthquakes.

    Gassho, J

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    Thanks for sharing. I've sewn a couple of zafus, then became sidetracked by other life events. Never stuffed them or tested them out. The zabuton is motivating, since I was wondering what I would use for stuffing. (don't have the money to spend on cotton batting) Best of luck during the storm; we're getting some of the rain up here, but nothing like what you may have.


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    Metta.. and drive safely in your new zafu

    Thank you for your practice

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    Much metta to all who were affected and for those who will be hit in this hurricane season. We sit for them and their families.


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