Hello everyone,

I have been studying Buddhism for about a year, and have been practicing Zazen a little since then. In the past few weeks my time spent sitting has increased dramatically. I am sitting every day, twice a day, and for slightly longer periods of time.

Since I have been reading about Zen, soto in particular, and visiting this forum I have been finding many answers to my questions. In fact it surprises me sometimes how simple Zen is for me to feel like I understand.

I'll also state that the idea of being a Zen teacher in some capacity has been something that I've wanted to do since before I even finished reading my first book on Zen.

I haven't been practicing for very long so it feels like I should be struggling more. Should this even be a struggle? Or is it just one realization after another after another? I expect the experience is different for everyone I just wonder if I am feeling like I am "getting it" too soon and missing something(s) because of it.

Thank you very much