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Thread: Google plus connection

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    Google plus connection

    Last night, I got on the Internet 20 minutes before Zazenkai, logged into Google plus and went to the Treeleaf site, however, the hangout never showed up. I could see the live stream, but I could not join the hangout. This is the first time this ever happened. Any ideas?


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    You're not alone; since g+ rearranged the layout it seems hangouts are sometimes simply not show up (at least for me). When I try to start a hangout myself, I however got the info that I might want to join a currently active hangout, maybe this works for you too (as a workaround).

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    Myoku is rtight that everything is a bit messed up right now because of the changes with Google. However, I understand your frustration! I'm usually at the live sit, so if you have problems next week please post in the zazenkai thread and I'll try to help you get connected.

    If I am posting, I have sat today.

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    Thank you both.


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    Last week's Zazenkai link was absent in my G+ page, but when I clicked on Treeleaf's G+ it was there and I was able to join... maybe this coul help... I am not a fan of G+ new layout... but all things are change


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