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    Sitting Times?

    I used to sit every morning with Shokai before he had his incident (much metta by the way). But since he can't sit recently I have found it is hard to sit on Google+ every day. Some people sit every day (or close to it) and i try to catch them when I can but because it is not on the calendar it is hard to find them.

    In short I would just like to know that if you frequently sit on the Google+ page, and are not posted on the calendar can you post here and let me know when you sit? I would love to sit with you all.



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    I've been sitting about 6:40AM EST. If I can't convince my inner Buddha to get his lazy butt outa bed, I sit around 9PM.

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    I'm usually on g plus every day sometime between 7-8 am.

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    What time zone Rich?



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    Quote Originally Posted by cumminjd View Post
    what time zone rich?


    est us
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    I sit at 6:30am PST.

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    We sit, do ceremonies and talk every sunday 21.00 (swedish time) on google+, it's called the Treeeleaf teaparty...


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    6am and 8pm UK time.

    Thinking about sharing on G+.

    +1 for the Tea Party :-)


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    I sit each morning 5.30am or 6.30am on school holidays & evening but times vary according to work times. Don't know if could share on G+ as wife & son still sleeping I could with muted mike I suppose but there would be no chanting!!!



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    Hi James; I follow a fairly erratic sitting schedule in the evening, dependent mostly upon my kids' bedtime. Generally speaking, I begin sitting between 8:30-9:00p. That's not terribly helpful, and I'll try to be better about picking a time and sticking with it. I'm grateful for the times that you've joined me on evening sits.


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    Hello Shujin
    Im grateful for you having those sits. I really prefer sitting with others rather then alone. I know im never truly alone, but I still enjoy the human to human part of it. I will try to sit with you every time I have the opportunity.



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    Hi James,

    Although I sit every day, times are very irregular. The only time I could sit online was also with Shokai and Myoku from time to time (not as often as I'd like to, I'm afraid).
    So if you or anyone else here sits at 11.30 am CET, you could do that online and maybe I'd drop in once or twice a week (if my schedule allows for that time of the day).


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