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Thread: Problems downloading podcast

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    Problems downloading podcast

    I tried to grab all the older podcasts from iTunes yesterday, and many of them are giving 404 and 403 errors. Something odd happens though; if I try and download all of them, some will download, some will say "Done," even though they haven't downloaded, and some will generate errors. Then when I try to download all the remaining episodes, a couple might download, and this happens from time to time. So the errors are most likely on the server side; perhaps there are too many connections? In any case, whoever manages the podcast should have a look. Feel free to contact me for more info.

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    I'll take a look this morning. May be something changed between the podcast server and iTunes feed. I well update after I have it fixed.



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    I've been trying again, and every now and then I can download a few more. I'm guessing it's a limit to concurrent connections on the server; if others are downloading as well, something is overloading.

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    We are nowhere near our quota for bandwidth. Since it's just an RSS feed from podbean, maybe something is amiss between iTunes and them.

    Thanks for the tip, I was initially looking into the the live vs. archived podcasts, but that doesn't seem to be the issue. If you note specific ones that don't come down please let me know and I'll take a more specific list on those.

    Thanks for the heads up Kirk!


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    I've now managed to download all of them, except for the 1/30/12 Fukanzazengi 4 talk. I wonder if one problem with a specific podcast could break downloading for others. I've downloaded lots of podcasts before with iTunes, and never had this problem.

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