I am still new to Zen Buddhism, though I have been familiar with the basic concepts of karma and rebirth through the years. I first encountered them in depth when I studying Hinduism and reading the Upanishads about a decade ago (the passage of time never ceases to amaze me). Now, in my current study of the Sutras and the Dharma that there are many principles in Buddhism that I can clearly see the truth in. However, I am currently struggling with doubts involving the nature of karma and rebirth. I can see that the wheel of life is itself is true because I can observe the cyclical nature of all things, but I have not seen any support of the passing of consciousness from one being to another. I have heard of dreams or visions that others have had that show them lives they once lead, I have had a few myself, but I cannot say with certainty that what I have experienced is "real" and not just a product of my psyche. I can feel these doubts within me like knots in my soul. As far as karma is concerned, I may just need a more in depth description of what it is. I have seen that those who cause misery to others often feel misery within themselves, but beyond that I don't always see justice in the universe. I don't often see a restoration of balance. Please, help me.


PS faith has never come easily for me. I have always found more understanding in hope rather than logic. Also, how should I approach some of the legends that I have encountered in Buddhism? I read a story about a woman who always stood atop a mountain, looking out to sea waiting for her lost husband to come home. Eventually she turned to stone and became one with the mountain. Now, I can see the virtue in this metaphor, but am I expected to take this as fact and not an insightful myth?