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Thread: Throw everything away!!!

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    Throw everything away!!!

    Somebody came up on another thread with the topic of the observer. There would be an "I" closer to the real me once you witness what takes place. This is found in modern Advaita as well as in the teachings of many New Age leading figures. Somehow we would all be going to the movies, enjoying the trailers and the film, stuffing our face with ice cream and popcorn knowing that it is not real, that this over there cannot be identified with the guy sitting.

    The observer. A spiritual myth exploited by a bunch of clever spiritual salesmen with a few goodies for all of you ranging from " this is how I became enlightened " to " how to live in the present".

    Let s make it very clear. Once reached, this simplicity conceals the treasure. There is nobody left. Nothing to grasp. Nobody to see or know. Tolle caught the tail of the ox and turned it into a sceptre. Not even good enough to get rid of flies. Good to make money. But that s not shinjin , body and mind dropped away.

    As Trungpa puts it, and I said this already, the ego wants to see its own funeral. But it cannot. No witness in Buddha land, no Buddha to see or being seen. Eyes cannot see themselves. Once realized, no traces of Buddha, no whiff of awakening.

    The stench of : "now I see" is but a toy in ignorant hands.

    Throw everything away.


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