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Thread: Recommend a Sesshin schedule for a beginner?

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    Recommend a Sesshin schedule for a beginner?

    Dear Treeleafers,

    Sorry to have been away from the forums for some time now. I've been keeping to a daily regular practice. In the upcoming week I will be having my place to myself with enough time for a day long, or a 3-day long intensive sesshin.

    It will be a challenge - the longest I've sat is two sessions of about 25 mins with a fifteen minute break, and I'm also thinking if I'd really want to be a part of an intensive sesshin, this would be the best time to do it.

    Do you recommend a schedule I can keep to? An older thread I can read? I've searched the forums and I did find this thread on minimum time.


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    Hi Santosh,

    A wonderful aspect of our Annual Rohatsu Retreat here at Treeleaf, is that it sits any time and any place ...

    Some preparations here ...


    I look forward to sitting with you.

    Gassho, J

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    Thank you!

    I know what needs to be done for the twelve practice periods, less so for the more elaborate services and chants. My practice is literally preparation to sit, sit for a little over 30mins, end with bows and a dedication of the practice. I could add a simpler chant before / after every practice period?

    Gassho, Santosh.

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    Follow your heart, Santosh. Simple is fine too.

    If you sit with our Retreat, just stand in Gassho when there is Chanting, bow when everyone bows. Can't be done wrong if done sincerely. Same for Oryoki.

    Gassho, Jundo

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