Hey again to Sangha old and new. So in the last few years I have been through hell and back ( ill spare the personal details). but one thing that has been nagging me more and more as time goes on is to get back to more engaged living of The Way. I want to start fresh, go back to the very beginning. forget I ever learned or deluded myself into learning and just...start over ( not hard to do as I was new to begin with).

Something that I feel will help me in this endeavor, and the main reason why I am posting this thread, is..well.. I want to completely destroy my rakusu. I made it, it's done ( I can save the inka ). But I feel like destroying it, not because of it's imperfections, lovely as they are and trust me there are alot of flaws to love. But more as an outward expression to help ME feel like a fresh beginning. to go back and start all over from the first outline to the first chanted stitch.

I appreciate what the rakusu is and I definitely appreciate the experience in making it. that's something that just can't be lost. but, I don't know if it is considered wrong or a big no no to do so. so before following my intuition in it being the right decision for me personally ( and not something I can really verbalize) I wanted to take a moment to ask if that is something that is acceptable. For whatever reason, I do truly feel this would in some way be cathartic for me and help me on my first steps to my own self-imposed and much needed Ango of sorts .

Thanks for any and all responses,
Dave _/\_