First of all let me say hello to all of you! I don't post much anymore, but I do try to check in from time to time and read the forums. I just don't often have a contribution that would improve upon the silence.

This post however is to ask all of you to wish me luck! I'm going on a weekend "Metta" retreat with my 15 year old son. Noble silence from Friday through Sunday. I don't know that either of us have stayed silent for that long, ever. Of course the part he is most nervous about isn't the silence, it's the 8 precepts we have agreed to observe. One of which is not eating after twelve noon. (I've promised him a large meal on Friday afternoon before we leave for the monastery...)

Normally I resit our Friday evening Zazen when I get a free 90 minutes. Please forgive me if I skip this week, as I may need a break from the cushion after this weekend. Anyway, wish us luck! I'll give an update upon my return.