I am continuing the thought I introduced in another thread as a tangent:

One thing dharma-wise that stands out to me now as these things are happening, is that I seem to have had a lot of "bad karma" (not the best term) in terms of living space, housing stability and comfort, things like that. Moving around a lot, places sub-standard or becoming infested with some creature, not ever having money to buy a house. Then there's the granddaddy of all my complaints...being (currently) in a region that I really dislike and feel miserable in.

There must be some lesson in this...could I have your thoughts? I might start another thread about it.
I should add that this has been my view at almost every phase -- everywhere I ended up, at some point I would think, "Gosh, I have had horrible luck with housing and places." Then I would try to get to...wherever else I could. It seems like my whole life has been that story playing over and over. If I think too much about it, I fall into the "why does this always happen to me" spiral, which I want to avoid.

Now that a tiny bit of clarity is starting to peek through the fog I was in recently, I had the thought that this was somehow a lesson to teach me to detach from "place". But then I start thinking, "Ok, so if I start detaching from the idea of having a house/location I love...*then* can I have a house/location I love?"

This is tricky for me to wrap my head around and navigate, so I would sure love to hear your thoughts.