I have come across a way to bring my attention to the present moment. I wanted to know if this worked with other people or is my mind playing a game on me.

On my run today I closed my eyes for 2 seconds and forgot where I was. When I opened my eyes I asked out loud Where am I? I tried to see the world I was in without knowing anything about it. From the ground I was on. To the sky I could not put into words. To the feeling of the wind on my skin. To the feeling of Joy. To the sound of birds.

Then I closed my eyes again and forgot where I was and repeated for 15 mins. The more I did it the more I came to the present moment. Just asked myself where am I? At the end of the run I was not able to put into words the world I was in. I was just as big as the sky.

I understand this is a little different then just sitting but I found it helped clear the clouds of thought before sitting. If anyone has a chance to try this please let me know if it was helpful. Or if this idea is part of another school of thought. Thank you