So yesterday my Nexus 7 decided to go ahead and stay powered off forever.

At first, I was annoyed. Then I was about to get angry but I was able to recognize that and just let it go before it could culminate. So that was nice.

But then I got re-annoyed when I thought about the apps I had installed and not having access to them anymore. How much easier it is to check Treeleaf (where the app has be already logged in) from my tablet than it is to go to the website, go to the forum, and then login using my desktop. This made me realize just how lazy I had become if something this small was an annoyance for me.

Then I thought about the insight timer and how it kept track of all my mediation sessions...gone! But of course that made me realize that for that to bother me, it must mean that I had put some kind of premium on the number and frequency of sessions which, of course, I had. Zazen had become almost a competitive thing where I had to record every session for posterity or something. So today I just sat and nothing and nobody recorded it. It is almost as if it didn't even happen.

I will be sending the broken tablet back to the manufacturer and hopefully it will be repaired soon enough.

But I think it will be nice to not have it for a little while.