Hi all!
I have the pleasure of muddling up Fuketsu's Iron Ox with you all.
Not sure what an iron ox is exactly, but then I am a lot like the axe man

In this case Fuketsu says his bit and Rohi steps up to the plate and says, yeah I get it! In his shoes I can see how that would seem to make sense, but if you are "ready for the seal" then you already have it - bringing forth to see it, its gone. Saying nothing, its gone.

So Fuketsu says his very direct bit to Rohi:

Used to as I am to scouring the ocean and catching whales, I regret that instead, there's a frog floundering in the mud.

an invitation for Rohi to "put his money where his mouth is" How could he have possible got out of the mud he jumped into?

Rohi pauses and the seal vanishes, in that moment between Fuketsu's statement and Rohi's pause there was the mark.
Fuketsu encourages Rohi to respond, a pause and the iron ox is vapourized. (but the stick and whisk seem to come to life!)

So the governor thinks he's got it and says as much and when asked to proceed further, he loses balance and drops.

In the modern example The manager does what ever is needed, when ever to keep things going smoothly with out concern of above or below them keeping things going. When the axe drops only then, does the upper management realize her function.

There is fine line here to me, perhaps the manager could have kept her job, in the modern example and spared the failure of projects negatively impacting clients, staff and the company by "being of rank" once in a while?
Balancing the absolute, being fluid and transparent, with the relative, she is the "boss" for that section helping out where needed but occasionally allowing folks to flounder for their greater benefit.

The modern example speaks volumes to me as this is my job. In my line of work I do exactly as she does, I help where ever I am needed, how ever. I wouldn't ask folks to do something I wouldn't myself do and I demonstrate that by jumping in when ever, where ever with out being asked. That said, in doing that, it sometimes leads others to not meet their full potential and they slack a bit, knowing I will pick it up, or my own duties get pushed aside and my upper management becomes displeased.

I was given some wise advice in that, sometimes its best to let something fail then to constantly come to aid. If we do not let it fail, how will we know where the problem lies and how to best fix it.

Anywho, I couldn't really come up with questions, so I ask all of us to reflect on a couple of things;

In Rohi's shoes how would you have answered?

Myself, I would be still be getting whacks from the whisk and the stick.

So When you are ready for the seal, will it leave a band for everyone to see and admire or will it be hidden from everyone, including yourself?