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Thread: Kannon / Avalokiteshvara Statue ?

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    Kannon / Avalokiteshvara Statue ?

    Hi all,
    I just recently got this statue for a bargain and the seller proclaimed it would be Kannon. It certainly not is the usual 4-arms (or more arms or more heads) form of Kannon, but is it Kannon at all ? The necklace is interesting and I cannot remember to have seen such before. Any insight is appreciated,

    Gassho and thanks for reading

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    What is not Kannon in a moment of Compassion!

    However, fear not Myoku ... from an artistic point of view, your Kannon is Kosher. One of the best web pages (well researched and huge!) on Buddhist iconography is this one ...

    If you scroll down, you will see many similar images. It is rather common to build giant Kannon statues on hilltops around Japan ... Statue of Liberty size. They usually have a similar form.

    Gassho, J

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    I have been looking for a Kannon statue myself, but here are almost impossible to find.

    But yours is really nice, Myoku.


    Hondō Kyōnin
    奔道 協忍

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    Thank you Jundo,
    Kyonin and Piobair, mine was also around 6$, nobody wanted it (Ebay auction), seems everybody looks either for shiny brass or old looking statues, heavy and large. But his one is simple, about 6 inches high and the most beautiful of all of them ;-)

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