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Thread: Even if there is no robe, just wear it

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    Even if there is no robe, just wear it

    Even if there is no robe, just wear it
    ...this is what Koun writes in his striking attempt to express directions for sitting.
    Sitting arises from the mind of awakening. Sitting is the shape and colour of the moon. As we sit, we sit in this. Nothing is excluded or rejected from this. You belong. The kesa, Buddha 's robe and body, is beyond beliefs and thoughts of all kind, it does not mind if you dislike religious aspects, if you don't give a s... about pieces of fabric sewn together, as you sit, it is already covering your left shoulder. Kesa and sitting are not two just as this whole reality and you are not two. Buddha did not merely borrow a few clouds, glimpses of sky, haze and mists, the form of a rice field, earthy shades and a bunch of rags to turn them into a robe. No. The robe IS this whole reality we live in. So not having a kesa is impossible. Not being a Buddha is total delusion.

    We don t practice to carve a Buddha of flesh, bones and breath:this Buddha sits us. We don' t sew to make a robe, the robe is sewing us.
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